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Client Testimonials

Emerald Food Groups

"Food Marketing has done an exceptional job assisting us with our recent new ice cream launch raising the product profile far above our expectations.

Their hands on approach and attention to detail has proven to be a winning formula while their wide range of industry contacts and personalised service have ensured the cut through we needed.

With a conservative budget Chris and his team have provided fabulous results and are a pleasure to deal with.

There is no doubt that we will continue to use Food Marketing's services."

Geraldine Schnauer
Global Marketing Manager

Crozier's Turkeys

"Chris Price and his team at Food Marketing Ltd have been assisting us with our advertising and promotions for five years.

Their professional assistance has increased our profile beyond expectation. They have the knowledge and contacts with food writers, advertisers, media personnel, radio and television to promote our turkeys in so many ways.

Phones were constantly ringing after features in Cuisine, Next, Dish, Healthy Food Guide and numerous newspaper articles. People's reactions were amazing; they had been looking for 'free range' turkeys for so long and were finally able to source them.

Chris and his team have a very professional approach to business and have excellent manners, they are reliable, stickler for detail and really nice people to work with."

Philip and Judith Crozier

Prime Foods

"Chris Price and his team at Food Marketing Ltd have a deep knowledge of the Food Industry which is reflected in the excellent promotional services they offer clients. Together with their wide network of contacts within all forms of the media they are proving to be invaluable in their ability to design innovative promotional strategies tailor-made for individual clients and their products. Prime Foods NZ Ltd values highly the role Chris and his team play in promoting our full range of food products in a very competitive market place. Strong sales increases clearly prove the worth of their services."

Henry Studholme

Farro Fresh Food

"We began working with Chris Price and his specialist team at Food Marketing six years ago. With the day to day issues of growing and expanding our business we had little time left for marketing.

Chris's contacts within the industry have been invaluable; Chris' commitment and passion have also been essential elements to our continued growth.

Chris and his team have a wonderful friendly manner, which is backed by a lifetime of useful contacts within the industry. They are fast and efficient at pressing forward, to make sure targets are met, both with ourselves and deadlines.

If you wish raise your profile and see positive results quickly, we would thoroughly recommend Food Marketing to anyone in the business, except our competitors!!"

James and Janene Draper
Farro Fresh


"We met the team at Food Marketing / Business Communications through a friend of a friend. Not always the best option, but all I can say is this is the best thing that has happened to Showerdome since its invention. Chris and his team have listened carefully to offer opinions based on facts and their own knowledge guided us quietly and showed us the decisions we needed to make in order to take the business up a level (even 2)

NB: We had to be prepared to follow their advice even sometimes admitting that what we had done previously was perhaps a little wayward.

Showerdomes targets were modest (given the current economic climate) yet we have smashed those and gone beyond all expectations. It's difficult to talk about it with other business people because most of them are not enjoying happy times and don't want to hear someone else's 'business is good' story.

The first 4 months of this year (our quiet time) have seen sales of twice what we targeted. Amazing!

The biggest portion of this increase can be attributed to Food Marketing / Business Communications.

We know they ROCK"

Ross Van Horn
National Manager

Inspired Food

"Since launching the Inspired Food brand back in August 2011 we have experienced fantastic press and great distribution gains, in part resulting from the wonderful support and capability of Chris Price and the team at Food Marketing.

The team's ability to tap into the New Zealand food industry and target relevant segments across the media and the foodie influencers has been pivotal to our growth, success and great brand awareness that has been established in a short timeframe.

The well structured and tailored campaigns have hit the mark and achieved the objectives of building both national brand awareness and converting that into interest for our range of gourmet handmade food products across customers and consumers. With a proven ability to develop and execute successful communication plans, we would not hesitate in recommending Chris and his team and will continue to use the team as our business continues to grow and look to harness their ability to help support us in growth beyond New Zealand when the time comes."

Edwina Paddis
Inspired Food

Who Ate All The Pies?

“We took on Food Marketing to help us with our expansion plans and brand recognition work as we tried to develop our business through out New Zealand. There is no doubt Chris' understanding of our strategy and brand position, plus his direct approach and insider industry knowledge meant that our campaign was only ever going to be a success. From new customers to major sell through increases in current accounts, this four month campaign has been the best use of marketing money we have ever made. We cannot thank Food Marketing enough and now see them as a strategic partner for years to come. “

Steven Turner
Managing Director