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What is Public Relations and how does it work for the food industry?

Public Relations broadly encompass any communication with your key stakeholders, customers, share holders or staff.

The two main categories are external and internal communication.

External Communication

External communication covers all aspects of your business that engage directly or indirectly with your customers, distributors, retailers or shareholders; including all forms of written, visual, electronic or human communication. Any interaction your customers have with your product, service or staff, will directly affect company perception, brand value, reputation and most importantly sales, long term growth and company value.

Internal Communication

Internal communication is also of primary importance, as it encompasses all inter-company communication; for example reception to orders, sales to warehousing, owner or managers to all staff. Effective, honest, healthy internal communication with mutually agreed and understood goals, creates happier, more productive staff. A successful internal communications initiative creates committed workers, who understand your business, how it works, why it’s successful and the important part they play. Staff who feel listened to and valued, or understand what they do, have a valuable impact on the business, will communicate with each other and your customers with a positive, genuine concern for outcomes. Research shows a well formed internal communication strategy is more important to staff retention, morale and productivity than pay rates!

Public Relations/Communication, for the food industry

Working closely with food manufacturers and retailers for the last six years has given our team an in-depth understanding of how a communications plan can be utilized to achieve specific quantifiable goals. To create a working plan, we first do an external or internal communications audit, followed with a brief, about who you wish to communicate to and what your goals are.

A straightforward example is ‘how Food Marketing Limited uses public relations as a media tool to launch a new food product and generate strong sales demand at retail level’.

Every month Food Marketing Limted introduces new food products to the NZ media and main grocery shopper. Food Marketing has developed strong relationships with an influential cross section of journalists, food writers, editors and business journalists, both retail and foodservice. Our media lists are up dated weekly and we are confident our list is the most accurate and powerful media list in NZ for all categories of food.

Please contact us for specific examples, case studies of clients and products we have worked with.

Food Marketing is a member of the Public Relations Institute of NZ and practices under their code of ethics.